Original and Easy Thank You Notes from the Kids

I don’t mind writing thank you notes; I love letting people know that they are appreciated. When there are a lot of them to write at once, however, it’s sometimes hard to find the time to be creative and to truly find the words over and over again to show how much you care. If you’re the parent to a young child who can’t write yet, you’re most likely writing notes for everyone in the family.

I finally found a creative outlet (for Isla and myself) to write thank you notes while making them FUN!

Isla asks us to color all the time; she can go at it for a long time (45-60 minutes, at times) and many times it happens before we get her dressed for the day.

Since we have many sketch pads full of Isla’s drawings and doodles, I thought that would be a great starting off point for our thank you notes this year. Follow these steps to create your own with your kid(s)!


**Pre Step 1 Tip: Start collecting paper that your child colors before thank you note writing time! I’ve found that when I write the note first, Isla doesn’t color as much (if at all) as she normally would if it were a blank piece of paper. This will also allow you to complete thank you notes while your kid is out of the house/sleeeping/playing.
  1.  Have child color however they want on one side of a blank piece of paper (the thicker/heavier the paper, the better). Fill up the paper as much as possible because it will be cut up and used for multiple notes.
    Some of Isla’s drawings we’ve collected
  2. Decide how big you want you thank you notes to be and start cutting up the paper based on that. **Tip: if you’re mailing the notes, check the envelope size. If you’re hand delivering the notes, they can be on the smaller side for easy portability and added cuteness.

    Cut paper to the size desired.
  3. Fold each paper in half to create what looks like a card.

    Fold paper in half.
  4. For a great, personal touch, take a great marker (I love Sharpies) and write some variation of: Thanks! // Thank You! // Thank You, Great Grandma! // Thanks, Lerner Family! — where you can find room between the lines of your child’s drawing.

    Enter a personalized greeting on the front.
  5. Thoughtful thank you note is written inside. Since Isla drew her own card, I like to write the note as if it’s from her. If your kid is old enough, have them tell you what they liked about the gift and if he/she can sign his/her own name, do it up!img_7638


This project can be used for:

  • Thank you notes
  • Birthday cards
  • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day cards
  • Holiday cards
  • Greeting cards
  • …really, anything that you want to have a personal touch from your child(ren)!


If you do this project with your family, send me the finished results! Hashtag your photos with #islabands so I can find them!

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Remember when Isla surprised us by suddenly climbing out of her crib so my father had to change her crib into a bed? Here’s a quick update. Things did not continue as we thought they would.

This is where Isla naps now; the couch and supermarkets.


Isla quickly dropped her naps since climbing out of her crib about three months ago. The problem is that she still needs her sleep during the day at some point. Isla will now nap at an undisclosed time on our couch from anywhere between 0-3 times/week for about 45 min-2.5 hours. Stroller naps happen from time to time but a nap in her bed is out of the question.


Sleeping Through the Night:

Even though Isla loved her new bed from the start, it took a few weeks of us (mostly Eric) sleeping on Isla’s floor to get her to stay in her bed before we (Eric) would sneak out of her room for the night. It took her a bit before she slept through the night again but she eventually got there. Thanks, sleeping gods!


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