DIY Heart Crayons!

A great Valentine’s Day or rainy day project


This project is really fun and I definitely recommend doing this with your kid(s) or even alone if this is a relaxing thing for you. Something about making your own crayons and then popping them out of a silicone mold is so satisfying.

These crayons are great for:

  • Goody bags
  • Valentine’s Day cards
  • A fun treat 

Read on for an easy step-by-step guide to make your own crayons, along with how it went for us.

**IF YOU HAVE A KID WHO WON’T SIT STILL FOR A LONG TIME, PEEL THE CRAYONS FIRST!! Although if you’re doing this project at the last minute, like I did, you won’t really have a choice.


  • 1 silicone baking mold in the shape of your choice (I chose hearts)
  • old/broken crayons (if you use good quality crayons to begin with, you will have good quality heart shaped crayons; same thing goes if you use crayons that aren’t so great)
  • oven set to 150 degrees

Step 1: Find a silicone mold  (I used a heart shaped silicone ice tray, see link at bottom of post).

Step 2: Collect all of the old crayons in your home

Step 3: START PEELING! If your kid is only 2 years old like mine, you will be doing this part yourself. TIP: Peel THEN break crayons, not the other way around. If this takes too long, your child may also be having a snack or meal (or in our case, soup) at this time.

Peel those crayons!



Step 4: Have your kid break the crayons and place them into the silicone molds. Any color combinations will do; they all look really pretty and marbleized in the end.

Make sure all of the crayons are peeled, first!



Let the kids go nuts; all color combos look great here

Step 5: Place silicone mold into the oven. Bake at 150 degrees until crayons all have melted; they’ll look pretty liquid-y. If you’re using the toaster oven to do this, make sure it’s set to ‘bake’ and not ‘toast.’ Toasting your crayons will NOT melt them (whoops).

Step 6: Remove silicone mold and place in a safe area to cool.


We’re almost done!

Step 7: Now comes the best part; turn silicone mold upside-down and pop crayons out!!

 These make a great project for home or a really adorable Valentine’s Day gift for your kid’s friends!


I like to put paper in the gift bag so kids can color immediately

Isla and I had so much fun making these together. With the exception of her break for some soup in the middle, she was really into this project from start to finish.

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Here are some items that I used during this project. I am an Amazon Affiliate. Hope you like!

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