I’d Always Pick You

I should have named this blog ‘Last Minute Mom.’ I find fun art projects to do for special occasions with my daughter and her friends… only a few days before they need to be done. After a quick Mother’s Day Pinterest search to find something doable in terms of time, resources and toddler ability, I found an idea I liked for cards (search “If Moms Were Flowers I’d Pick You” and you’ll find it, too). I love reusing my daughter Isla’s art, so I put my own spin on it.

This year, Isla and our new son Judah are lucky enough to get to make 6 Mother’s Day cards! One mom + one Nana + one Grandma + THREE Great Grandmothers! Since we’re going to see most (if not all) of them this weekend, I wanted to help my daughter make something full of love and her beautiful artwork!

If you read my post about making thank you note cards you’ll know that I keep a small collection of Isla’s crayon drawings (and now we’ve moved into watercolor territory). The collection is growing and I’m glad we have an occasion to use it for! My goal for this project is to have the toddler do most of the creating.

The project we made together for Mother’s Day can be made for anyone you want to show appreciation for on any occasion! It’s a card with a flower, your child’s head in the center and on the leaves reads, “If _____ (Moms/Nanas/Grandmas/Etc) Were Flowers, I’d Always Pick You!”

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • A few sheets of your child’s artwork (for the flowers)
  • Determine how many flowers do you need to make
    • Ex: I have 2 kids (so each card will have 2 flowers) and will make 5 cards = 10 flowers to cut out!
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners (1 per card)
  • Glue (optional)
  • Scotch tape
  • Construction paper (1 piece for actual card + 1 green for leaves) (I used half size construction paper)
  • A small photo of your kid(s) that you don’t mind trimming
    • Tip: Printing the photos yourself? Copy the photo and then crop it into a square around the child’s face. After printing, then cut a circle around the head.



I especially love how these look done in watercolor!

On the back of your child’s artwork, draw a flower of your choice (I drew a simple flower with 6 petals). Cut out that flower! **TIME SAVING TIP: If you need to cut out multiple flowers, fold the paper in half/quarters to save yourself some time and cut those flowers out all at once!




Fringe those leaves!

Take green construction paper and fold it in half or quarters, draw a leaf shape and cut it out. You’ll have multiple leaves for your project. You can add a layer of dimension and fray the leaves with a scissor (pictured).




Mostly, this step is designed to give you time to add glue/tape to the flowers

Give your kid(s) some crayons and let them go to town on the paper (it will be the background). This step is totally optional; it looks great either way. My daughter had me trace her hand on two of the cards…whatever floats your boat!




Don’t Isla’s hand tracings look great covered by flowers?

This is where your child becomes a special helper! Put glue or tape on the back of the flowers and have your child place them wherever he/she wants on the paper. Doesn’t matter where they go, it all looks cute in the end.




Pipe cleaners can be too sharp on the ends for kids, so enjoy those awesome pipe cleaners, adults!

This will be the stem of your flower. Of course if you don’t have pipe cleaners lying around your home, you can just cut construction paper in the shape of a flower stem. Make your pipe cleaners into flower stems. Secure with scotch tape under the flower the best you can.



If you don’t have green construction paper, any color paper will do!

Do the same thing as STEP 4. My 2.5 year old child did not place any leaves on the stems and it still looks great. I had her put two leaves on each card. And three leaves on one card which I didn’t notice until it was all done.


Cut a circle just around the child’s head in the photo. Glue/tape photo onto the center of the flower.


Use as many leaves as you’d like for your messages!

On one leaf is where you can write your message, “IF MOMS WERE FLOWERS, I’D ALWAYS PICK YOU!” I used the other leaf to write, “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MOM! LOVE, _____”



“Okay, mom, I’m showing you the cards”

Give those card out, ladies and gentlemen!


If you make these on your own, post them with the hashtag #islabands so we can all share our creations!




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