My Son’s First Rosh Hashana

I LOVE the High Holidays! I get to spend some amazing quality time with my family. It’s a special and holy time to reflect on this past year and how you want the next one to look.

Growing up, we’d always go to my cousins’ house for lunch after synagogue on Rosh Hashanah and then hang out for the whole day. We’d participate in tashlich outside at the lake in their yard and then just spend the day talking, eating and relaxing.

Now that we’re married, Eric and I switch up who we spend our holidays with (Rosh Hashana with my family; Yom Kippur with his. The next year is switched). No matter who we spend our holidays with the time is always very special. Eric’s parents always host such a nice Rosh Hashana lunch after shul where we do the same thing that my family does: eat, talk and relax for the day.

This will be our third High Holiday season with Isla. I love getting her ready for shul in a new dress and shoes and teaching her about our customs. I love introducing her to people from our past that we only see once a year at synagogue so they can see how she’s grown.

This year is our first Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur as a family of FOUR! I’m so excited to share in traditions with my family and continue to teach my kids about their heritage.

Just my belly and part of my feet the day before Judah arrived!

When I was pregnant for the second time, I had made a kippah in my third trimester (with no baby name on it) and brought it with me to the hospital JUST in case we had a boy. AND WE DID!! Judah Dylan. I knew I would easily use the time he slept while still in the hospital to personalize it with his name (haven’t you heard the mantra, ‘crochet while the baby sleeps?’). …But I didn’t. Major wishful thinking! Somehow, with barely any sleep back at home I was able to create a totally new kippah with Judah’s English and Hebrew names sewed onto it. I wanted to be sure all three of his namesakes would be honored.

Eric, Isla, Judah and me at Judah’s bris.
No sleep + a new baby to love = giddy and deliriously overtired

His names are:



Judah/Yehudah are for my maternal grandfather, Jacob.

Dylan is for Eric’s maternal grandpa, Dave.

Gershon is for Eric’s paternal grandpa, George, who’s Hebrew name was also Gershon.

Our grandpas are really special to us; we so wish they could have met Judah. We’re honored that he carries the names of these loving, smart, caring and hard working men.

I’m so excited to have Judah wear this special kippah this Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Every time I see this personalized kippah on Judah’s head, I’ll always be reminded of when I started to make this for him before I even knew if my baby was a boy! When he wears it again and again we’ll think of his bris and the men he’s named for.

If you want to learn how you can have this special keepsake yarmulke for your son for all of the special Jewish moments in his life, click on this link to visit my Etsy shop!

Judah modeling his kippah and tiny tie + vest on Passover
Eric and Judah in their kippot getting ready for Shabbos


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