7 Things to do in your Backyard 

This is my son Judah. Right now he naps 3 times a day.

Judah, in a deep sleep.

My daughter Isla takes slightly less naps per day (0-1 nap). I’ve had to come up with lots of activities for our mother-daughter bonding time.  Here are some that Isla loves. A busy child=a better behaved child=a tired child=a happy parent.

  1. Do it yourself Painting Studio: Grab some big paper, painters tape, washable paints, thick brushes (thick rather than thin covers more paper) and head outside. Use painters tape to hang up the paper at kid-level. Washable paints=let your kid go to town and paint as long as he/she wants. Finished paintings make great wrapping paper or you can cut them up and make greeting cards.

  2. Life-sized chalk portraits:
    It’s like looking at a picture of two Islas! …Right?

    Have your kid lay on any hard surface and trace his/her body outline (action poses are fun). Use as many colors as you want and have your child decorate the clothes and any accessories. Bonus points a for drawing a whole scene (outer space, anyone?)! Who cares if it comes out looking weird — it’s an activity!

  3. Water slide:
    A waterpark in your own backyard!

    We have a kiddie pool and a slide out back. While those things alone are fun, using them together is awesome! Place the end of your slide into the pool and voila! Instant water slide! Bonus: put bath soap in pool before filling up. Instant bubble bath! It’s fun to get out of the pool with “bubble shoes” on your feet.

  4. Fubbles!
    Behold the Fubbles bubble tumbler!

    Do you have a love/hate relationship with bubbles?! Is it because bubbles are so cool (yes) but your curious child constantly spills them out (yes again!)? Fubbles makes a no-spill bubble tumbler (pictured above). You read correctly: they don’t spill!! You can remove the bubble wand, turn the whole thing upside-down and nothing happens. We actually do bubbles inside now because of this amazing invention. I carry them in my purse at all times for emergencies. Obviously.

  5. Paint your kid’s toenails:
    Isla’s first mani/pedi

    Get your kid’s favorite color/favorite sports team’s color nail polish and paint his/her toenails outside. My daughter was so excited when I gave her a Mani/pedi but she couldn’t fathom not using her hands before the polish dried. Just do the toe nails.

  6. Backyard picnic:islabands_cheeseGet a blanket and eat some food on it. Doesn’t have to be a full meal but should include food and drink so it takes more time.

  7. Water Table!:
    All hail Captain Isla!

    This is for those times when the kiddie pool just isn’t happening. I absolutely love the pirate ship water table that we have; Isla can play with this thing for a long time. It’s on the very small side; we place it on a small table so it’s the right height for her when standing. We’ve even brought it to the beach and it became a sand table; she loved it. It also fits in the bathtub for winter months!


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