Things to do Inside

I still have a young baby who naps a lot so I like to have ideas ready for the minute he goes to sleep so I can have some extra fun time with my 3 year old daughter, Isla. Also, sometimes it snows in New York.

Here are some inside ideas for your fifth hour (or fifth day) inside.

  1. Pony Beads + Pipe Cleaners!
    This activity is great for kids’ dexterity. Isla likes to make different patterns with beads on the pipe cleaners, and then even though I’ve asked her, she’s not into wearing it as jewelry. We just reuse the pipe cleaners and beads for the next time.
  2. Family Air Band
    **Option 1! Play your favorite music (or something you wouldn’t normally listen to) and mime different instruments! Our latest favorite is to listen to Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin) and “play” piano and stringed instruments.
    **Option 2! Play your favorite music and “play along” with instruments you make out of legos, Joinx, paper towel rolls, etc!
    **Options 3! Play along with real instruments
  3. Bake Cookies
    Easiest recipe ever: Rachael Ray’s Gluten Free 3 Ingredient Cookies. Bake ’em now, thank me later!
    BONUS ADD-ONS: Chocolate chips, banana, peanuts, cocoa powder and/or vanilla extract.
  4. Make Your Own Play Dough
    Easiest recipe found here that only uses 3 ingredients.
    BONUS! Add a few drops of food coloring OR use Kool Aid packet or spices to color AND scent the dough.
  5. Dress-up Photoshoot!
    Dress up in funny outfits and take funny pictures!
  6. Scavenger Hunt
    While the kids are busy playing, set up a list of clues and have them find different objects. Final prize can be that you read the kids their favorite book!
  7. Make French Toast
  8. Ninja Tape
    Find a doorway and put a few rows of painters tape across it. Have kids stealthily find their way through it (thanks, Rue!)
  9. Magna-Tiles
    Added bonus — build things on the refrigerator or a magnetic cookie sheet for extra magnetic fun!
  10. Clean your house
    Give the kids a paper towel and a safe cleaner and get to work! My kids’ room has a mirrored closet which is easy and fun to clean. Practice saying the words together, “up and down and up and down.”
  11. Pasta necklace
    String ziti onto string and viola! Instant necklace.
  12. Read some books you haven’t read together in a while
    We LOVE this free site. You can watch animals in real time in their natural habitats! …Except for the bat cam (the bats are in a dark room) and the jellyfish cam (jellyfish are in a tank..and gorgeous)
  14. Have a Tea Party (fake or real)
  15. Dance Party
  16. Put on a show
    Bonus: Watch old Olympic footage and have kids imitate their favorites!
  17. Make birthday cards for all of the people who have birthdays coming up! See easy recipe for birthday cards and thank you notes here!
  18. Bake a Challah in a bag!!
  19. Video chat with your favorite people!
  20. Two words: Blanket fort!

If you have more items to add to this list, leave a comment or shoot me an email:

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