Things to do Inside

I still have a young baby who naps a lot so I like to have ideas ready for the minute he goes to sleep so I can have some extra fun time with my 3 year old daughter, Isla. Also, sometimes it snows in New York. Here are some inside ideas for your fifth hour…

A Theme-less First Birthday Party

Make your child the star of the day with a theme-less party!

7 Things to do in your Backyard 

This is my son Judah. Right now he naps 3 times a day. My daughter Isla takes slightly less naps per day (0-1 nap). I’ve had to come up with lots of activities for our mother-daughter bonding time.  Here are some that Isla loves. A busy child=a better behaved child=a tired child=a happy parent. Do…

Our First Video!

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I’d Always Pick You

I should have named this blog ‘Last Minute Mom.’ I find fun art projects to do for special occasions with my daughter and her friends… only a few days before they need to be done. After a quick Mother’s Day Pinterest search to find something doable in terms of time, resources and toddler ability, I…

One of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those days where you are so tired that by the time you take your kid outside for some fresh air you realize she’s still wearing pajamas?

I did. It was last week and no matter how hard I tried, my sweet 22 month old daughter would not nap. My once amazing sleeper was completely resisting naps. I KNEW the reign of her 3 hour afternoon naps was too good to last.